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Panzer #2 at 32:23

T-34/76 vs. Tiger I to quote:
"... that comes a confidence that this design is a good simulation, with a process that has more granularity that other systems that I have used.

To quote:
"The game is resplendent with beautifully drawn T-34, Panther and Tiger tanks as well illustrated counters representing German and Russian infantry squads, mortars, machine guns and anti tank guns.

Interview with James M. Day:
"First let me tell you how important your Yaquinto–published versions of Panzer, Armor and 88 were to my formative years as a wargamer.

Expansions 1 & 2 to quote:
"With these two expansions, we get all the units we need to play combat over the entire Eastern Front, with additional counters and maps

Base game to quote:
The game plays extraordinarily well and, with this new release, Day’s armor system reclaims its place as my all-time favorite tactical armor and infantry gaming system.