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Modular rules system with Basic, Advanced and Optional rules section. Players may keep it simple or as complex as desired.

  • Vehicle include 11 unique hit locations, armor angles and penetration charts for level, rising and falling fire
  • Various ammunition type, e.g., AP, APCR, HEAT, HE
  • Sighting Effects
  • Overwatch fire
  • Rate-of-fire
  • Indirect fire, both on and off map
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Close assault
  • Troop quality
  • Command control
  • Leaders
  • Unit cohesion
  • Morale
  • Smoke Effects
  • Mines
  • Obstruction
  • Bogging
  • Air-to-ground and anti-aircraft combat

     Panzer North Africa is a modular boardgame designed for small unit actions. For two or more players, it is a comprehensive and yet quick to-play game. Also included is a dedicated solitaire play system.

     Scale: 100 meters per hex, the vehicle and towed-gun scale is 1:1 with infantry at squad, 1/2 squad and section level.

     All the unit data is included on the full-color data cards. The streamlined chit-based command system moves the action along at a brisk pace, getting players quickly into the action.

     It has one of the most comprehensive and detailed armor modeling systems (while still very simple to play). Its all here, from unique hit locations, armor angles and penetration charts, air-to-ground, hand-to-hand combat, close assault, overwatch fire, command control, unit cohesion, morale, smoke, bogging, sighting, and troop quality…everything you will need to recreate World War II tactical ground combat.

What's the word?

Major Points
     Game system designed for small unit actions from platoon to battalion-sized formations

  • Vehicles, towed guns and aircraft are scaled at 1:1 with each 7/8” double-sided counter representing a single unit
  • The 5/8” double-sided leg unit counters are scaled at squads, half-squads and sections, including their attached weapons
  • Ground scale is 100 meters per hex
  • Double-sided geomorphic mapboards
  • Map terrain overlays
  • Full color illustrated manual with various player aids                              and reference cards

Game Contents

  • 6 double-sided geomorphic mapboards, 12 mapboards in total
  • 8 x 7/8” and 5/8” counter sheets
  • 49 double-sided full-color 5” x 4” data cards
  • 45 Map terrain overlays
  • Modular full-color Rulebook with Basic & Advanced Rules
  • Modular full-color Rulebook with Optional Rules and Solitaire Rules sections
  • Scenario playbook  and solitaire scenario                             playbook - 30 scenarios included
  • TO&E reference book
  • Two double-sided Player Aid Cards
  • Four ten-sided dice
  • 3" Box
Panzer moves to the North African Front where the British clash with the German and Italian Forces

The Panzers Roll.... into the desert
     The mystical desert sands are mesmerizing even for the most battle-hardened veteran. Poised in your turret, you glance at the barren landscape fondly recalling the lush, green fields of France. With only the whisper of the hot wind to keep you company, your mind drifts to that Bedouin proverb, “Only in complete silence, will you hear the desert.”
     A glint of light pulls you back to reality. For once, the intelligence group was correct. They are advancing at strength from the north. Time to fire up the engines. Your battle plan is solid. The tank commanders await your orders.

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